Sedation dentistry allows patients, who may otherwise feel anxious or apprehensive in the dental chair, receive the dental care they need so their teeth and gums can remain healthy and strong. 

Patients that may benefit from dental sedation include patients who have anxiety, require lengthy or complex dental procedures, have difficulty controlling their muscle movements, with a strong gag reflex, sensitivity or previous bad dental experiences.

We offer both oral sedation dentistry and conscious sedation dentistry. We also provide safe sedation dentistry for children. Sedation dentistry side effect may include a temporary unawareness of time and a foggy memory of your time in the dental chair.

Your sedation dentistry dentist will examine your overall health and any medications you may be taking prior to your procedure to establish your candidacy and ensure your safety.

Sedation dentistry costs will vary depending on the type of dental sedation used. To learn more or to book your appointment with our sedation dentistry dentist, call (630) 953-9777 today.

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